Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing

What is a wet pour playground rubber surfacing?

Wet pour surfacing is a rubber crumb safety surface that absorbs impact. Rubber granules are combined with polyurethane resin and then laid in the desired colour.

Rubber safety flooring is available in a variety of vibrant colours for playground installation.

All of our rubber surfaces are tested in accordance with BS EN 1177 standards to ensure that they meet safety and critical fall height requirements. to be used in conjunction with a variety of playground equipment, such as swings and climbing frames.

Wet pour surfacing is gaining popularity as a surface type for schools and nurseries. Rubberized play surfaces are installed in a variety of depths to accommodate specific requirements.

Additionally, we can implement play graphics on the areas to create enjoyable, educational games for the children. Once the shock pad is in place, the wearing course is installed. This is EPDM rubber with a thickness of 1-4mm that we mix with polyurethane resin and pour onto the shock pad.

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For Wet Pour

Sun-Flex Rubber Surfacing

  • Around the world, wet-pour rubber surfacing is extremely popular for playground areas.
  • This ground-breaking two-layer system combines the superior safety ratings of a loose-fill system with the accessibility, durability, and design options associated with a unitary system.
  • This is the best method for preventing injuries to children while they play by laying rubber surfacing.
  • Without rubber safety surfacing to cushion falls and stumbles, no playground is complete.
  • It is constructed in a two-tiered fashion with a sbr base and EPDM rubber granules on the top surface.
  • 6mm EPDM rubber granules cover the top surface or customization as per request.
  • The bottom surface is covered in sbr (crumb-rubber granules or rubber mulch) in a variety of thicknesses depending on the customer’s preference.
  • We have completed a large number of projects utilising rubber bond safety surfacing in playgrounds.


What is HIC Scores?
HIC stands for Head Injury Criteria. The higher the HIC score number, the less safe a surface is. By law, a play or sports surface must be under 1000 HIC. We believe these leaves too much injury possibility to chance, so every one of our products rates among the lowest HIC scores in the industry. Younger kids need higher safety standards.

What is ASTM F-1292-04?
Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials within the Use Zone of Playground Equipment.

Our wet pour rubber surfacing calculator assists in calculating the material requirements for epdm rubber granules, crumb rubber granules, and polyurethane adhesive. Please select the thickness of the wet pour surfacing and enter the total square feet. Please keep in mind that this calculation is subjective and may vary depending on the playground scenario, design, and customization of the floor.

The benefits of wet pour rubber surfacing on playgrounds

  • The primary benefits of wet pour rubber surfaces are as follows:
  • Reduces the effect of falls
  • Low Upkeep
  • Simple to clean
  • Appropriate for any weather condition
  • Laid out in a variety of different colors and designs
  • Rubberized play surface
  • Can be easily shaped into inconvenient shapes
  • Using wet pour rubber crumb flooring has a number of additional advantages in terms of safety, design, and child development.
  • While poured rubber and rubber tiles have some similarities, poured rubber (or wet pour) appears to be more popular due to the ability to incorporate exciting designs and lay in any shape without waste.
  • If you’re interested in installing a rubber crumb play area, contact us today.

Consider These Suggestions for Your Wet pour Surface

Due to the porous nature of wet pour, it is critical to keep dirt out of the small voids in the surface. This allows water to drain through rather than accumulating and making the area unsafe for children to use.

Cleaning After Installation

We pressure wash wet pour playground flooring throughout the country. Always have a professional contractor complete this process to ensure proper technique. This also protects the flooring from damage caused by the jet wash’s high pressure. Rather than pointing the spray directly down, angle it to blast away dirt. This helps to avoid damaging the flooring during the cleaning process.

A routine jet wash is an excellent way to maintain the safety surfacing on your playground. This will keep it clean and germ-free. Additionally, it ensures that the surface is safe for children to play on and is not slippery due to puddles or debris.

After Installation Care

Following the installation of your playground surface, we can provide a variety of wet pour aftercare services. Additionally, we offer products to assist you in caring for and maintaining the flooring.

A specialist repair kit is one of the products we can provide for wet pour maintenance. This kit includes everything you’ll need to repair a small area of damage to your rubber play surface.

The repair kits are precisely proportioned with EPDM rubber granules and polyurethane binder. These materials should be combined and applied to the damaged area of surfacing.

We offer these repair kits in a variety of colours to ensure you find the perfect match for your playground.

When performing minor wet pour maintenance repair work, we recommend cutting a shape around the damaged area. This can be a straightforward shape like a triangle or star. Then, using a different colour, you would need to fill in the gap.

If you attempt to match the colour to the existing surface, the match may not be exact. The rubber on the playground may have faded over time, making it slightly different from the replacement rubber included in the repair kit.