Please see the specifics below regarding warranty standards and claims. Please carefully review warranty claims before making a purchase or placing an order for any Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd product.

This guarantee is applicable to all Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd goods.

Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd would provide a limited one-year warranty on Rubber tiles to the original customer, subject to certain terms and conditions. This limited warranty is conditional on the following:

The limited warranty shall be valid for one year from the date of purchase as confirmed by the Original Purchaser's purchase receipt. The term "Original Purchaser" refers to the initial purchaser only and expressly excludes distributors and/or dealers.

Within 30 days of the date of purchase, claims must be submitted in writing to Warranty Claims at Sunflex recycling pvt ltd's corporate registered office. Purchase documentation will be requested. Prior to replacing any defective material or product, Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd reserves the right to inspect or test it.

Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd has the right to withdraw warranties.

This limited warranty is void if the Original Purchaser denies Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd and its agent access to the installed products and/or fails to assist in obtaining such access.

Excluded from the warranty

Shade, colour, or colour dispersion that is perfectly matched. Any promise, express or implied, made by a salesperson or agent.

Labor costs include, but are not limited to, the cost of original installation, the cost of removing and/or replacing damaged tiles.

Mold and mildew growth can create a variety of problems and harm.

Without consulting or obtaining prior authorization from SUNFLEX RECYCLING PVT LTD, repairs, adjustments, or modifications to the surfaces are prohibited.

SUNFLEX RECYCLING PVT LTD is not responsible for any problems caused by improper usage, maintenance, or installation in accordance with its

specifications, recommendations, or directions. Issues that arise as a result of the product not being installed on a flat, hard surface.

Complications resulting from the addition of accessories or parts not sold by SUNFLEX RECYCLING PVT LTD. Fading and/or discoloration caused by UV ray exposure and sunlight penetration. Natural disasters can produce a variety of problems and harm.


Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd's tiles are entirely composed of recycled used tyres. The used tyres include a variety of truck, vehicle, and off-road tyres.

As a result, the size of the crumb granules in tiles may vary according to previous orders. As a result, this recycling process may vary slightly amongst tiles. It may have an effect on the tile's edges, colour variation, and granules.

When heated or dyed, the element qualities of car and truck tyre crumb may fluctuate, resulting in batch variation, which affects the effect of tiles edges, colour variation, and granules of tiles.

NOTICE: Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd reserves the right to revoke or cancel warranty claims.

EPDM Rubber Granules

For 90 days ("Warranty Period"), SUNFLEX EPDM rubber granule products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing flaws. Sunflex will replace or repair the product, as defined below, at no cost to the owner or end user if there are material faults during the Warranty Period. If material faults are discovered, the owner is responsible for contacting Sunflex via the point of purchase or directly as specified below prior to any installation. Installation is not covered by the warranty. Sunflex will not accept any claims relating to a completed system unless and until samples of the systems and their component parts can be completely analysed.

This warranty does not cover dissatisfaction, malfunctions, or other material damage caused by, or as a result of:

This guarantee does not cover dissatisfaction, issues, or any material damage caused by or as a result of the following:

  • 1.1) Inadequate installation and/or upkeep.
  • 1.2) Fading caused by sunlight, as well as abrasions and ultraviolet rays, is not considered a fault under this warranty.
  • 1.3) Individual pieces may vary in shade or hue owing to differences in natural rubber.
  • 1.4) The use of harsh or acidic chemicals, solvents, acidic food, and abrasive chemicals, or exposure to them.
  • 1.11) Fading caused by chemicals/liquids such as chlorine and other chemicals may result in a natural change in the colour of the surface, which is not considered a defect under this guarantee.
  • 1.12) Petroleum adhesives or floor sealants that are water soluble.
  • 1.13) Color variation between samples and/or printed drawings and the actual product.
  • 1.14) Expected wear or degradation of the product due to use or installation environment.
  • 1.15) Chewing, clawing, or other forms of animal annihilation
  • 1.16) Negligence, misuse, and purposeful or accidental external impacts, including but not limited to vandalism, riots, or acts of war.

  • 2.0) The warranty is restricted to the repair or replacement of defective Sunflex goods. The owner or end user agrees not to assert any other type of claim for damage or loss. Sunflex is not responsible for installation, disassembly, removal, disposal, return shipping, or any other comparable fees.
  • 1.0) There is no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor are there any other warranties that extend beyond the statement on the face of this document.
  • 2.0) Sunflex expressly disclaims all liability for incidental, consequential, or other damages.
  • 3.0) The remedies set forth in this section are the exclusive and final remedies for any claim for damages.
  • 4.0) No agent or representative of Sunflex goods is authorised, expressly or impliedly, to make any representation, promise, or guarantee not expressly mentioned herein.

As with any product, 1.0) EPDM rubber granules may vary in size. Although tolerances have been set as strictly as possible, some variation is to be expected.

  • 2.0) Sunflex's goods may not be used in any manner or for any purpose that Sunflex has not expressly identified.