Standard Rubber Tiles

Sunflex standard rubber tiles have been popular for a long period of time due to a variety of inherent benefits.
This offers great value and a variety of options for fitness, workouts, functional sections, and impact zones.

Standard rubber tiles are offered in a variety of thicknesses to meet customer application, performance, and need.
Sunflex standard rubber tiles are manufactured from 100% recycled rubber.

They are SBR rubber tiles made with hot moulding technology and polymerically bound crumb rubber granules.

These have been moulded rubber tiles with bevelled edges.
We also provide rubber tiles with pin-connectors that are easy to install and require no adhesive.

Sunflex recycled rubber tiles have been designed for heavy strength training, conditioning, extreme weight impact, advanced ergonomics with force reduction and energy restitution, Olympic-style weight, without an odour, durable and non-toxic.

Fitness is rapidly growing all over the world. It will absorb the shock of falling weight without damaging the floor beneath. Making it excellent for usage in the fitness industry.

To achieve best results, use a high-quality rubber floor adhesive to the recycled rubber tiles.

Rubber flooring key facts and benefits.

Transform your fitness business with the sunflex rubber floor.

Rethink your fitness rubber floor aesthetic.

Premium vulcanized rubber floor.

Engineered rubber floor that is designed for easy installation.

Rubber Flooring Manufactured to Perfection.

Rubber floors have been designed to resist heavy use in all types of arenas and workout areas.

Offers a cost-effective, durable, non-porous, multipurpose solution for the fitness business.

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For Standard Rubber Tiles

How many rubber tile pieces will you require? Installing new rubber tiles on your floor can be a significant undertaking – that is, unless you utilise our flooring calculator! We created this rubber flooring square foot calculator to take the guesswork out of the equation. This tool enables you to quickly estimate the cost of rubber flooring and determine the number of pieces required.

Impact attenuation standard rubber tiles

Colors available for standard rubber tiles

Basic Black

Terracotta Red


Golden Yellow

Navy Blue



Hunter Green

Red Speckles

Premium Vulcanized

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Heavy strength training, conditioning, extreme weight impact, advanced ergonomics with force reduction and energy restitution.

Olympic-style weight impact absorbing capacity, without an odour, durable, safe, non-toxic and it has proven to be long-lasting.

Easy to maintain, reduce impact noise, heel resistance, anti-bacterial properties, and a non-slip surface, bevelled edges.

Reduces the effect of prolonged standing on the knees, hips, back, and feet.

Designers can build a unique installation pattern by using multiple colours, as there is no minimum order quantity.

GYM Dumbbells Shock Absorber

Noise Cancelling

Non Toxic and Durable

It Has Proven to be Long Lasting

Easy to maintain

GYM Weight Areas

High impact absorbing capacity

Anti Bacterial Properties

Non Slip Surface

Quieter Floor

Use of Standard Rubber Tiles

Fitness Industry, Sports, Shooting Ranges, Military, Health & Wellness, Residential Fitness, Education, Industrial, Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics, Construction, Equine, Aerobics, Playgrounds (exceptional case) and more.