Rubber Tile Speckles

Sunflex rubber tile speckles are manufactured with 100% recycled rubber.

Sunflex rubber tile speckles provide a smooth, uniform surface finish, making them adaptable, malleable and long-lasting.

They are SBR rubber tiles made with hot moulding technology and polymerically bound premium vulcanized rubber, epdm speckles.

These are moulded rubber tiles having bevelled edges, pin connectors, straight edge, and interlocking.

This is often used in the fitness industry for easy maintenance; simply vacuum or damp mop as required.

The vulcanised rubber surface is smooth and poreless, moisture resistant, anti-microbial, and features better ergonomics that reduce force and restore energy.

They can be suitable for use as anti-fatigue rubber mats in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, landscaping, restaurants, garages, transportation and workshops.

Sunflex manufactures stronger vulcanised rubber mats with a rib and button design.

This helps in satisfying application requirements such as stability, wet and dry traction, toughness, durability, and slip resistance.

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For Rubber Tile Speckles

Rubber Tile Speckles Available Series

Dark Blue 30

Golden Yellow 21

Grey 10

Ivory 71

Light Blue 31

Lime Green 41

Orange 60

Pink 2

Purple 50

Red 1

Spring Green 42

Teal 40

Terracotta Red 0

White 70

Yellow 20

Army Green 43

Beige 15

Chocolate 80

Slate Grey 11

Eggshell 25

Let us build your own customised colour rubber flooring.

Rubber tile speckles can be customised in a variety of colours.
The minimum order quantity is 1000 square feet.
The manufacturing lead time is three to four weeks.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Heavy strength training, conditioning, extreme weight impact, advanced ergonomics with force reduction and energy restitution.

Olympic-style weight impact absorbing capacity, without an odour, durable, safe, non-toxic and it has proven to be long-lasting.

Easy to maintain, reduce impact noise, heel resistance, anti-bacterial properties, and a non-slip surface, bevelled edges.

Reduces the effect of prolonged standing on the knees, hips, back, and feet.

Designers can build a unique installation pattern by using multiple colours, as there is no minimum order quantity.

GYM Dumbbells Shock Absorber

Noise Cancelling

Non Toxic and Durable

It Has Proven to be Long Lasting

Easy to maintain

GYM Weight Areas

High impact absorbing capacity

Anti Bacterial Properties

Non Slip Surface

Quieter Floor

Use of Rubber Tile Speckles

Fitness Industry, Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics, Garage Workshop, Marine, RV Flexi Pad, Construction, Restaurant, Landscape, Utility and More.