Rubber Rolls

Sunflex recycled rubber rolls are manufactured from 100% recycled rubber.

They are SBR rubber rolls polymerically bound crumb rubber and epdm rubber granules.

Recycled rubber rolls provide excellent wear resistance and higher density rubber floors, and this satisfy a wide range of markets and applications.

Rubber Rolls are designed for non-porous, underfoot comfort, anti-fatigue, high slip resistance, minimises foot traffic noise, acoustic properties, easy maintenance, high surface longevity and flexibility.

Rubber rolls are available in a limited assortment of thickness, length and width.

Sunflex recycled rubber rolls offer a diverse range of colours and competitive rubber flooring solutions.
They also serve a purpose in the load securing and packaging industries.

Rubber rolls project and make striking statements in luxury fitness facilities and clubs, while giving a solution that is robust, resilient, and simple to maintain, with great sound insulation, impact absorption and minimising cross joins in many rubber floor installations.

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For Rubber Rolls

Sunflex Recycled Rubber Rolls Available Series

Sunflex Elite Series

Dark Blue 30

Golden Yellow 21

Grey 10

Ivory 71

Light Blue 31

Lime Green 41

Orange 60

Pink 2

Purple 50

Red 1

Spring Green 42

Teal 40

Terracotta Red 0

White 70

Yellow 20

Army Green 43

Beige 15

Chocolate 80

Slate Grey 11

Eggshell 25

Sunflex Infinite Series

SF 1001

SF 1002

SF 1003

SF 1004

SF 1005

SF 1006

SF 1007

SF 1008

SF 1009

SF 1010

SF 1011

SF 1012

SF 1013

SF 1014

SF 1015

SF 1016

SF 1017

Let us build your own customised colour rubber flooring.

Recycled rubber rolls can be customised in a variety of colours.
The minimum order quantity is 1000 square feet.
The manufacturing lead time is three to four weeks.

Recycled rubber rolls for acoustics underlayment.

Recycled rubber rolls can be utilized  in a range of residential  and commercial acoustic underlayment applications  that can impact sound insulation, comfort and vibrations.

Recycled rubber rolls for industrial load, securing and packaging.

Recycled rubber rolls can be used to safely transport various industrial loads and packaging materials.
Sunflex recycled rubber rolls are suitable for various maximum loads, sensitive  goods, large loads, and inclement weather.

Sunflex easy-lock rubber tiles.

Self-installation of easy-lock rubber tile is simple. They are seamless in appearance and light in weight.

Our easy-lock rubber tiles are a great rubber flooring solution for everything from a home fitness to a high traffic commercial fitness facility. They are easy to install and endure a long time.

Easy-lock rubber tiles  are perfect for a variety of applications, including house owners, contractors, residential  fitness, basements, kennels, personal training, anti-vibration  areas like washer & dryer.

In addition, the many cut possibilities allow for wall-to-wall installation. The precision-cut latches on the rubber tiles are an incredible luxury.

This ensures that seams are virtually unnoticeable. This can be place without glue.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Non-porous, underfoot comfort, anti-fatigue, high slip resistance, minimises foot traffic noise, acoustic properties, easy maintenance, high surface longevity and flexibility.

Load securing & packaging, without an odour, durable, safe, non-toxic and it has proven to be long-lasting.

Easy to maintain, reduce impact noise, heel resistance, anti-bacterial properties, and a non-slip surface.
Can be used as a sport floor underlayment.

Designers can build a unique installation pattern by using multiple  colours, as there is no minimum order quantity.


GYM Dumbbells Shock Absorber

Noise Cancelling

Non Toxic and Durable

It Has Proven to be Long Lasting

Easy to maintain

GYM Weight Areas

High impact absorbing capacity

Anti Bacterial Properties

Non Slip Surface

Quieter Floor

Use of Rubber Rolls

Fitness industry, home gyms, acoustics underlayment, offices, corridors, retail, changing rooms, industrial load securing and packaging, sports underlayment, anti-vibration areas, basements, kennels and more.