Rubber Mulch

Sun-Flex is a leading manufacturer of shredded rubber mulch.

We have established a separate division to manufacture our rubber mulch.

Sun-flex instals customised and high-quality machinery to produce premium shredded long mulch.

Rubber Mulch is a visually appealing recycled rubber tyre safety surface.

Our rubber mulch is extremely durable and will not decompose, compact, or require annual top-over for the duration of its life.

It is suitable for use as a loose fill material or as a bonded system in a wide variety of applications.

The black rubber is encased in a tough PU polymer coating that incorporates a non-toxic colour pigment to create an incredibly eco-friendly appearance.

There is no need for a sub base and no edging, which results in cost savings.

Pathways, embankments, erosion control, tree surrounds, recreation areas, buggy runs, and weed control in landscape planting areas are just some of the applications.

Rubber mulch is the preferred material for schools, public playgrounds, landscaping, and residential use.

How much rubber mulch you need ?

Each 25kg bag of rubber mulch covers about 10 square feet at 1 inch depth.

Total Inch depthCoverage per square feet
1 Inch 859 square feet
1.5 Inch 572 square feet
2.0 Inch 429 square feet
3.0 Inch 287 square feet
4.0 Inch 215 square feet
5.0 Inch 172 square feet
6.0 Inch 143 square feet

Additionally, we manufacture epdm rubber mulch and epdm rubber nuggets.

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For Rubber Mulch

Colors available for rubber mulch

Golden Yellow


Terracotta Red


How deep should rubber mulch be to protect against injury?

Rubber mulch is more durable than other types and has a number of advantages as a playground material or as a substitute for traditional landscaping mulch.

Calculate the amount of rubber mulch you require for your residential yard or commercial playground using our simple rubber mulch chart.

Depths are suggested for a variety of applications, including landscape, residential, and commercial playgrounds.