Resilient Rubber Tiles

Sun-Flex is the industry leader in the production of premium rubber floor covering. Our company recently launched a new product called resilient rubber flooring.

Our resilient rubber flooring is made from high-quality natural rubber stone and polymer materials. This is combined with minerals derived from natural sources and other components such as environmentally friendly colour pigments.

The rubber is extracted, pressed, and vulcanised with high-temperature heat. This is made from environmentally friendly natural resources that have a functional life cycle that lasts for decades.

Rubber flooring is flexible, strong, and resistant to water and certain chemicals. Resistance to cutting, heat, tearing, wear, fatigue, and abrasion are also included.

We designed and engineered to meet customer demands for good looks, long durability over time, and less maintenance in high traffic areas.

These are flexible enough to form corners while also being strong enough to withstand the effects of floor cleaning and traffic.

Resilient rubber tiles will be the latest generation to meet all applications based on customer preference, design, and floor customization.

Over time, this will be the best solution for every purpose, segment, and solution.

The flooring is dependable, valuable, and promising in terms of quality, and it is also inexpensive to maintain.

In the manufacturing process, our products are approved by ASTM and EN standards in accordance with international standards.

Why Should You Go With Us?

Nature is resourceful, and technology is innovative. A new era has begun for next-generation rubber flooring. The market’s most hygienic rubber flooring. Customize your floor to meet your specific needs. A variety of colours and designs are available.
Commercial & Industrial Rubber Flooring Solutions.
Strong, Durable and Cost-Effective.

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For  Resilient Rubber Tiles

Resilient Rubber Tiles Available Thickness and Size

ThicknessSizeWeight of one tilePieces in each box
3mm + 0.3mm 610mm x 610mm 1.7 kg 10

Additionally, we manufacture madetoorder and customized items upon request. We will examine
the size, design, and technical specifications to determine if we can meet your requirements.

Strong, Durable, Cost-Effective

Highlights and features of the product

Fire Retardant

Quiet and Soft Underfoot

Slip Resistant

Extensive Range of Colors and Designs

Seamless Flooring

PVC free, Phlate free, halogen free, does not shrink

Antibacterial & Antimicrobial

High Traffic Areas Flooring

Flexibility Fulfilled

Contains natural sustainable rubber

Made in India

How many rubber tile pieces will you require? Installing new rubber tiles on your floor can be a significant undertaking – that is, unless you utilise our flooring calculator! We created this rubber flooring square foot calculator to take the guesswork out of the equation. This tool enables you to quickly estimate the cost of rubber flooring and determine the number of pieces required.

Use of Resilient Rubber Tiles

Resilient flooring must meet two criteria. Rubber flooring is extremely shock- resistant and water-resistant, as one would expect from rubber. It is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the market.

It is widely used in schools, hospitals, museums, libraries, cinemas, stadiums, gymnasiums, shipping companies, office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, waiting halls, subway stations, underground passages, and public places. Walkway, pharmaceutical factory, purification workshop, laboratory, electronic workshop, computer and workstation room.

Simple to clean. Typically, only clean water is used to mop the floor.

Series of Resilient Rubber Tiles Available

Smooth Series

Smooth Fleck Series

Modern Stone Smooth

Modern Stone Fleck