We will gladly assist you if you follow the steps.

A manual for Domestic Orders.

You can order by email, phone, or by visiting the website. You must provide us with a clear written product inventory or information. If you are familiar with detail information, this includes product type, size, thickness, colours, content, GST number, Pan Card, booking city, and transportation company details to book your material.

Please keep in mind that we will need your GST number or pan card number to process your order. We will not be able to proceed unless you have both.

We will send you a proforma invoice via email once we have received all of your information.

Please double-check all of the content in the proforma invoice to ensure that the salesperson or account department typed the correct inventory, quantity, information, colour, and thickness as per your specifications.

If you notice anything written with false information, please contact us in person or by email, and we will change it within 24 hours before proceeding with the production draught.

After receiving the proforma invoice from the company, the draught will include clear bank information at the bottom. You can deposit the funds in your bank account and immediately begin production. Once we receive the funds, our accounts department will notify you.

After we receive your production draught and payment, it will take ten working days for our industry to dispatch the material. If you require material immediately, you should check with the sales department to ensure that the stock is available to ship within the next few days.

We will make every effort to dispatch orders within five days, but in some cases due to pending backlogs, the standard lead time will be ten working days for domestic orders and twenty working days for international orders.

We will dispatch the material in accordance with the name of your booking city and transportation company.

We will email you a receipt for the lorry transportation. Once you receive your lorry receipt, please verify immediately whether the booking city specified by the transporter is accurate. If you discover an error, contact transporter immediately and provide your lr number to have it corrected.

We will transport the material via a nationalised and local carrier.

Transportation costs are not included in the price of the material. You must pay the transport depot when you arrive to pick up your goods. Take your company’s stamp and letterhead, as well as the original licence to release your goods.

Ascertain that you pick up the material from the transporter depot within seven days. After seven days, they will charge you demurrage.

You can track your shipment online through the transporter’s website, if one is available.

You may also arrange for your own transportation to pick up your goods from our industry. However, we require all official documents to be transported prior to dispatch.

After receiving your goods, verify that the inventory boxes are properly labelled according to your order information. If you believe that any numbers have been omitted or that material has been supplied incorrectly, please contact us immediately and we will check with our production department.

Important note:- We require your GST or PAN card number in order to process your order. Without both, we cannot proceed.