Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to ensure the responsible and sustainable recycling of used tyres, adhering to the highest international standards and utilising the most advanced tyre recycling technology available.

We are committed to protecting the environment and operating within the bounds of legal requirements, while also prioritising the well-being of all individuals involved.

This promotes improved sustainability for the environment.

Our focus is on creating innovative recycled rubber products using crumb rubber granules.

Our priority is on creating premium recycled rubber products that are designed to meet the demands of the future.

Our concentration is on producing the finest epdm rubber granules for rubber surfacing applications.

Provide the customer with valuable information on selecting the appropriate rubber floors for their specific needs, taking into account factors such as application, market, and performance.

Our aim is to distribute rubber flooring, epdm rubber granules, resilient rubber tiles, and recycle rubber products worldwide, ensuring the most competitive costs.

To inform marketers about innovative safety rubber products.

To meet to various requirements in the fields of fitness, gyms, playgrounds, running and athletic tracks, garage gyms, roof-top, equine, horse barn, dairy, and industrial markets.

We are committed to creating impressive shooting ranges that prioritise safety and fulfil to the needs of military and law enforcement agencies. Our shooting ranges are designed with 360-degree ballistic rubber products that provide safety measures to ensure that the shooting environment is safe.

Our Vision Statement

Our goal is to become the premier manufacturing industry for recycled rubber products in the world, taking into consideration future applications, market demands, and performance requirements.

Our commitment to continuous innovation in recycled rubber products has allowed us to consistently meet the technical requirements for engineer rubber floors, ensuring optimal force reduction and energy restitution. This dedication to excellence has resulted in significant advancements over the years.

Acquiring, adapting, and upgrading state-of-the-art machinery and technology in the realm of automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Our goal is to ensure that all of our rubber products are manufactured with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.