Manufacturing Facility

Sunflex Recycling Private Limited operates two manufacturing facilities on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. We have rebuilt our factory with state-of-the-art machinery capable of manufacturing all types of rubber flooring products.

To manufacture crumb rubber granules, we follow a global standard recycling process. We have excellent tyre recycling equipment to assist us with our daily in-house material.

Equipped with a latest generation rubber tile manufacturing plant. Specialize sub-units to focus on export production on a daily basis. Specialized and customised hydraulic presses enable us to manufacture the highest quality rubber tiles in the world.

Additionally, we manufacture rubber mulch for landscape applications. Each month, tonnes of epdm rubber granules are compounded. Each batch was tested in a laboratory using standard procedures such as tensile, breaking resistance, abrasion tester, shore hardness, mooney viscometer, uv weathering test and mixer.

We conduct ongoing research and development to prepare for the release of our new products. The production team is comprised of highly skilled and well-designed engineers. Manufacturing rubber flooring for a couple of years has provided us with experience and a wealth of knowledge to assist our customers. In manufacturing units, we engineer and design the highest quality ballistic rubber tiles also.