Interlocking Rubber Tiles

With its superior interlocking hot moulding technology, Sun-Flex Interlocking Rubber Tiles are of premium quality.
Sun-Flex Interlocking Rubber Tiles are environmentally friendly and completely reversible, allowing you to quickly create a safe, comfortable, and protective rubber safety floor covering.

Sun-Flex interlocking rubber tiles ensure that seams are virtually undetectable. This results in a uniform appearance on your floors. Rubber interlocking tiles can be easily installed over nearly any smooth surface, including concrete, pavement, carpet, hard wood, or tile. There have been no special tools required.

They are available in puzzle-style pieces that fit securely together, similar to jigsaw puzzles. The unique tab design securely tightens the tiles together without the use of expensive adhesives, tapes, or the guidance of a fitter.

Aligning the tabs and pressing them together with your fingers or a rubber mallet is all that is required for installation. The unique tab design enables installation in a rectangular or cinder block pattern.

Additionally, all such interlocking rubber floor tiles can be disassembled and reassembled without damaging. Our products are developed in accordance with ASTM and EN standards, including the most recent revisions.

Why Should You Go With Us?

We manufacture rubber tiles using only the highest quality materials, such as polyurethanes, epdm rubber granules, crumb rubber granules, pigments, and machinery. The company operates three manufacturing plants on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. In the manufacturing process, strict quality control measures that meet or exceed international standards are implemented. Our products are tested in accordance with ASTM and EN standards, using the most recently revised chapters. Sustainability reports dating back to 1989! 15 different nations export to the rest of the globe.

Customers and distributors all over the world benefit from on-time shipment. We are interested in creating great amounts that are worthy of the customer’s investment.

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For Interlocking Rubber Tiles

Interlocking rubber tiles come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes

Thickness Size Weight of one tile Pieces in each box
15mm 480mm x 480mm 3.2 kg 7
20mm 480mm x 480mm 4.2 kg 5
25mm 480mm x 480mm 5.2 kg 4
30mm 480mm x 480mm 6.2 kg 3

Additionally, we manufacture made-to-order and customised items upon request. We will examine the size, design, and technical specifications to determine if we can meet your requirements.

Easy To Install Rubber Flooring In Our Few Lighting Fast Steps

You Can Have Your Surface Fully Installed In Minutes or Less

How many rubber tile pieces will you require? Installing new rubber tiles on your floor can be a significant undertaking – that is, unless you utilise our flooring calculator! We created this rubber flooring square foot calculator to take the guesswork out of the equation. This tool enables you to quickly estimate the cost of rubber flooring and determine the number of pieces required.

Colors available for Interlocking rubber tiles

Basic Black

Terracotta Red


Golden Yellow

Navy Blue



Hunter Green

Speckles Series

Highlights and features of the product.

High impact absorbing capacity, noise-cancelling, non-toxic and durable over the years, it has proven to be long-lasting.

Easy to maintain, extremely effective impact absorption for gym weight areas, heel resistance, anti-bacterial properties, and a non-slip surface, Stand out from installation charges with our easy to fit interlocking rubber tiles, transferability made easy with our easy to transfer interlocking rubber tiles..

Reduces the effect of prolonged standing on the knees, hips, back, and feet.
Because there is no minimum order quantity, designers can use multiple colors to create a unique installation pattern.

Purchase costs are low.

GYM Dumbbells Shock Absorber

Noise Cancelling

Non Toxic and Durable

It Has Proven to be Long Lasting

Easy to maintain

GYM Weight Areas

High impact absorbing capacity

Anti Bacterial Properties

Non Slip Surface

Quieter Floor

Use of Interlock Rubber Tiles

Gym Rubber Flooring, Children’s Play Areas, Walkways and Jogging Tracks, Pool Areas, Shooting Ranges for anti-ricochet tiles, Garage Safety Flooring, Playground Equipment Safety Surfacing, Garden Pathways, Residential Backyards and Gyms, Aerobic Areas, Industrial Vibratory Areas, Sport Play Surfaces and Centers.

The Benefits of Interlocking Rubber Tiles

It’s simple to adhere the rubber tiles to the floor. Contributes to the reduction of adhesive and labour costs. Without hiring a professional fitter, you can save money. It’s easy to carry some pieces in a vehicle for residential and commercial purposes. Residential and commercial gyms are the first choice. You can move the rubber tiles around. Durable and environmentally friendly. Transfer rubber tiles between locations.