Epdm Rubber Tiles

Sunflex Rubber manufactures Epdm Rubber Tiles for playgrounds, gymnasiums, fitness studios, health centres, and walkways. Epdm rubber tiles are an excellent choice for playgrounds and gymnasiums.

The tiles are made with crumb rubber granules on the bottom and premium epdm rubber granules on the top surfaces. Epdm rubber granules are designed for softness, resiliency, and resistance to colour fading.

EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber), a type of synthetic rubber, is a multipurpose elastomer. EPDM rubber flooring is the highest quality flooring available in the natural world.

It is constituted of epdm rubber granules that are naturally self-pigmented. As a result, it outlasts the SBR variant. Consequently, they come in more vibrant colour shades. After SBR, the next best option is epdm rubber flooring.

Due to the fact that its granules are pre-coated with colour, the shades available are slightly darker.

Why Should You Go With Us?

We manufacture rubber tiles using only the highest quality materials, such as polyurethanes, epdm rubber granules, crumb rubber granules, pigments, and machinery. The company operates three manufacturing plants on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. In the manufacturing process, strict quality control measures that meet or exceed international standards are implemented. Our products are tested in accordance with ASTM and EN standards, using the most recently revised chapters. Sustainability reports dating back to 1989! 15 different nations export to the rest of the globe.

Customers and distributors all over the world benefit from on-time shipment. We are interested in creating great amounts that are worthy of the customer’s investment.

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The benefits of sun-flex epdm rubber tiles

Epdm Rubber Tiles are a versatile rubber flooring option that is gaining popularity with clients. The product’s characteristics are comparable in terms of compression strength, hardness shore, skid resistance, and protection performance. This is suitable for commercial gymnasiums and playground surfaces such as kindergartens, parks, and school playgrounds.

Due to the range of 18 vibrant epdm colours, commercial gyms have a range that is more color fast than SBR rubber tiles and offers a broader selection of colours. Additionally, these are impact absorbing, making them ideal for gyms and playgrounds.

These are environmentally friendly, toxic-free, do not stimulate the human body, do not cause pollution, and do not contain microbes. The installation is simple and can be facilitated by the use of polyurethane adhesive.

We have completed a large number of gyms and health clubs in recent years that have chosen epdm rubber tiles over SBR rubber tiles. Globally, the customer will receive high-quality rubber flooring.

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How many rubber tile pieces will you require? Installing new rubber tiles on your floor can be a significant undertaking – that is, unless you utilise our flooring calculator! We created this rubber flooring square foot calculator to take the guesswork out of the equation. This tool enables you to quickly estimate the cost of rubber flooring and determine the number of pieces required.

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