Epdm Rubber Granules

Sun-Flex is a market leader in the production of epdm rubber granules for sports, playgrounds, and recreational surfaces. Epdm rubber granules are designed for softness, resiliency, and resistance to colour fading.

We consistently produce high-quality epdm rubber granules. As a market leader in rubber flooring and rubber granules, we are committed to providing the highest quality epdm rubber granules in the broadest range of colours.

We offer a wide variety of colours in our epdm rubber granules. In addition to our standard range of 18 colours, we can also blend custom colours upon request. This will assist in identifying distinctive design elements for sports surfaces, playground areas, and jogging tracks.

EPDM “Virgin” rubber granules are the highest quality rubber compound produced under controlled conditions to achieve predefined properties. In the mixer machine, carefully selected components such as rubber, oil, pigments, and chemical additives are blended.

The vulcanised compound is then hardened but still flexible in the autoclave. Granulating the compound into small, uniform grains of a specified size is the final stage of production (fraction). The compounding of material has been verified in the laboratory at various stages with satisfactory granules of good quality.

Why should you use Sun-Flex epdm rubber granules?

We are a market leader in the production of epdm rubber granules. We are the most promising brand when it comes to providing high-quality epdm rubber granules. The polymer content of epdm rubber granules ranges between 20 and 23 percent. Granules ranging in size from 1-3mm.

Sun-Flex epdm rubber granules meet ROHS, migration of certain elements, and PAH requirements (AfPS GS 2019:01 Cat. 1).

Sun-Flex epdm rubber granules meet particle size, shape, bulk density, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), U.V Test/Weathering 5000 hours, Toxicology DIN 18035-7, Toxicology EN 71-3 standards from Labosport Group.

The most promising brand in which you can put your trust. Over the years, we've completed a number of significant projects. Paving the way for whole world.

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For EPDM Rubber Granules

Highlights and features of the product


Flame Retardant

Water preamble

Eco-Friendly and harmless to Health

Reach Compliant

Non Toxic

18 Standard Colors

Sensible Use of Resources in the long Term

Consistently High Quality

Made in India

Advantages of EPDM rubber surfacing

Playground surfacing that is protective, Excellent elasticity and durability over extended periods of water preamble, but playgrounds require drainage. Eco-friendly, Infinite pattern and creative design options in a range of thicknesses Resistance to antiskid agents, A wide range of colors is available. Surfaces that are hygienic and safe, Simple to Install, Preamble for Water, Anti-Microbial Growth Weather-resistant and anti-aging, 19 standard colours, virgin material flamable, Eco-friendly and safe for human health.

Our epdm rubber surfacing calculator assists in calculating the material requirements for epdm rubber granules, crumb rubber granules, and polyurethane adhesive. Please select the thickness of the wet pour surfacing and enter the total square feet. Please keep in mind that this calculation is subjective and may vary depending on the playground scenario, design, and customization of the floor.

Available colors and codes for epdm rubber granules

Dark Blue 30

Golden Yellow 21

Grey 10

Ivory 71

Light Blue 31

Lime Green 41

Orange 60

Pink 2

Purple 50

Red 1

Spring Green 42

Teal 40

Terracotta Red 0

White 70

Yellow 20

Army Green 43

Beige 15

Chocolate 80

Slate Grey 11

Eggshell 25

Use of Epdm rubber granules

Playgrounds, Jogging Tracks, Athletic Tracks, Multipurpose Court Games, Walkways, Multi – functional Trial Games, Swimming Pool Areas, Children’s Play Areas, Football Fields, Running Tracks, Playgrounds, Swimming Pool Areas, Schools, and Fitness Centers.