Sunflex Colour Blends

Sunflex EPDM Rubber granules are combined with aromatic polyurethane adhesive and then blend with customize swatches as listed below. This will help to create a perfect mix for your next project.

We have the ability to create custom colours by blending our 20+ different epdm rubber granules, allowing us to meet a wide range of design requirements.

From enhancing or adjusting existing blends to creating unique colours and captivating patterns, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your creativity, imagination and thinking!

Every year, we are thankful to receive numerous requests and data for the best imagination colour blend swatch from various parts of the world. Based on the data and feedback we have received from our valued customers and installers, We have carefully incorporated their input into the following representation of reality.

This will contribute to enhancing creativity and promoting the ability to personalize colour combinations in the future.

This comprehensive list provides valuable information and options for customers, pour in place rubber installers, applicators, and industry professionals to make informed decisions.

A wide range of customized EPDM rubber granules swatches are being utilized and chosen globally for various applications, including pool decks, driveways and garages, entranceways, playgrounds, daycares and schools, equestrian barns, and other potential customized uses where rubberized surfacing and safety is of utmost importance.

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