Ballistic Rubber Tiles

Ballistic Rubber Tiles are used to stop bullets which helps to prevent ricochets and lead splash-backs thereby reducing lead dust propagated from repeated range firing.

The ballistic rubber tiles are high density, strength and elasticity to provide safe live fire environment.

Ballistic Rubber tiles are designed for use in shooting ranges and gun clubs. These extra thick and extremely durable rubber tiles assist in ricochet reduction and help to reduce noise levels at firing ranges.

Ballistic Rubber tiles can be loose laid in a wall to wall installation or adhered in place using a little double side carpet tape or polyurethane adhesive.

Sunflex Ballistic Rubber Tiles are generally used for shooting range areas and walls. Bullets are trapped inside the tiles.

Rubber ballistic tiles help to provide sound abatement and ricochet protection in commercial, military and law enforcement shooting ranges.

This are most commonly used in tactical shoot house for military exercise.

Sun-Flex Ballistic Rubber Products is our trademark name. Our brand is well-known throughout the world.

Additionally, we manufacture ballistic rubber blocks, portable bullet traps, rubber rifle rest stands, portable military rubber bunkers, security perimeter anti-trespass mats, and custom container shooting ranges.

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For Ballistic Rubber Tiles


  • To provide the highest quality ballistic rubber products.
  • We can advise you on how to set up a commercial shooting range based on design and engineering.
  • This will aid shooters in their advanced tactical training.


  • Military and law enforcement can build the safest tactical shoot house by employing close combat shooting tactics and a modular range by utilising Ballistic Rubber Products.
  • Durable anti-ricochet panels are required for modular shoot houses.


Military and law enforcement can build the safest tactical shoot house by employing close combat shooting tactics and a modular range by utilising Ballistic Rubber Products.

Durable anti-ricochet panels are required for modular shoot houses.

Quality & Certificate

  • We are the leading manufacturer of ballistic rubber products in the world. Our products have been field-tested by military special forces and have been successful throughout the world. NIJ 0108.01, Level 3 certification has been obtained for our entire ballistic rubber products.
  • Our products are distributed in over 15 countries worldwide.

Available thickness and size for ballistic rubber tiles

Thickness Size Weight of one panel Colours Available
42mm 500mm x 500mm 11kg Basic Black
50mm 500mm x 500mm 12kg Basic Black
30mm 500mm x 500mm 6.5kg Basic Black
100mm 500mm x 500mm 24kg Basic Black
42mm 610mm x 610mm 16kg Basic Black
50mm 610mm x 610mm 18kg Basic Black
30mm 610mm x 610mm 9.5kg Basic Black
100mm 610mm x 610mm 36kg Basic Black

Available thickness and size for ballistic rubber blocks

Dimensions in Inches Weight of each block Colours Available Availability & Stocking
20”L x 12”W x 12”H 38kg Basic Black Yes
24″L x 12″W x 9″H 38kg Basic Black Make To Order
48″L x 24″W x 8.75″H 140kg Basic Black Make To Order
36″L x 12″W x 9″H 50kg Basic Black Make To Order
29.52”L x 11.81”W x 7.871”H 38kg Basic Black Make To Order

Additionally, we manufacture made-to-order and customised items upon request. We will examine
the size, design, and technical specifications to determine if we can meet your requirements.

  • Building The Safest Environment For Shooting Range Tactics
  • Available for Military, Special Forces and Law Enforcement agency
  • Design for military special forces.
  • Customize solutions as per project.
  • Building the right range as per your needs.
  • Design our proprietary ballistic rubber products.
  • Creating highest performance for ballistic rubber products.

Ballistic Rubber Tiles Durability

We are the market leader in the manufacture of ballistic rubber products.

Sun-Flex ballistic rubber products are manufactured using hot moulding technology.

We are the market leaders in the manufacture of polymerically bonded rubber products.

Over the course of several decades, we have amassed a wealth of experience in the production of ballistic rubber products.

Our ballistic rubber panels are extremely dense, strong, elongate, and elastic.

We create ballistic rubber tiles that are both fire retardant and UV resistant using specialised materials.
This adds to the durability of any shooting range.

Our ballistic rubber products have been used by major armed forces all over the world.


Performance for Sun-Flex ballistic rubber tiles

  • The ballistic Rubber Tiles are design to minimize the danger of ricochet and splatter of standard pistol and rifles.
  • The rifle rounds up-to .308/7.62mm can be used.
  • Each tile can take approximately 2000 rounds of firing before getting panel replace.
  • It also depends upon the bullet type, shots concentration, wear distribution and substrate used for backing.
  • Ballistic Rubber Tile alone cannot stop the rounds, It must be used with Ar500 steel plate backing.

Field Accurate Protection for Sun-Flex Ballistic Rubber Tiles

  • Hot moulded technology aids in the capture and encapsulation of bullets.
  • Reduce the amount of lead in the air.
  • Anti-ricochet protection is available for all ranges.
  • It contributes to maximum range safety for close tactical shooting.
  • For all ranges, protects the walls, safety ceiling, and baffles.
  • Extreme conditions can be tolerated without deterioration of the material.
  • Hot mould technology is used to manufacture our ballistic rubber products.
  • Under Indian law, Sun-Flex ballistic rubber products are registered as intellectual property.

Ballistic rubber blocks performance

The ballistic Rubber blocks are extremely durable and are ideal for use in live shooting ranges, tactical shoot houses, and portable bullet traps.

It has good elasticity and stability due to the binding process.

The interlocking pattern aids in the deployment of blocks more quickly.

The locking system can be transformed into an impenetrable solid defence wall.

When the ballistic defence block interlocks, it creates a protective wall as well as potential shelter during harsh military conditions.

Thousands of rounds of ammunition can be trapped inside the rubber blocks.