Anti-Trespass Panels

Sun-Flex anti-trespass panels are ideal for gaining access to restricted areas.

Discourage and delay access to unauthorized places.

Prevent trespassers, hikers, thieves, and other unpermitted visitors from entering or wandering beside railway tracks, platforms, industrial zones, security fencing and private property.

The panel’s innovative construction enables them to be put swiftly and securely on any surface, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, and grass.

Manufactured in INDIA from 100% recycled rubber with polymerically bonded polyurethane.

Around a 25-year life expectancy. Physical and visual deterrent proven.

This can be installed anywhere and then removed and reused indefinitely.

The security architecture for design, deployment, and operations is anti-trespass panels.

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Anti-Trespass Panels for Railway Platforms and Tracks

Sun-Flex anti-trespass panels is the ideal solution to the disruption caused by humans or animals who enter the railway track, either knowingly or unconsciously.

The increased spikes make it extremely difficult for trespassers to cross the tracks, thus preventing entry.

Anti-Trespass Panels for Industrial Security Deployment

Sun-Flex anti-trespass panels is the optimal solution for industrial employees who are at risk of falling from unprotected mezzanine industrial floors.

Create safe work environment of all types that include a mezzanine must follow certain safety procedures to protect their employees.

Technical Information

Manufactured in INDIA from 100% recycled rubber with polymerically bonded polyurethane.


Ten years or more under normal operation  circumstances with proper  installation.

Inspection & Maintenance

The product requires no maintenance.
Regular inspections during installation should verify the following:

  • That all panels are properly positioned and supported.
  • All necessary fasteners are in place.


Length 1000mm, Width 1000mm, Height 150mm