About Sun-Flex Rubber Flooring

At Sun-Flex, being passionate about what we do means focusing on solution-driven innovation. For decades, flooring products have been created using a variety of materials, regardless of their impact on human health, the environment, or even the spaces in which they are installed. We understand that providing unique solutions entails doing things differently. By utilising one of the most sustainable materials available, we’ve developed a proprietary manufacturing process that results in the highest-quality recycled rubber flooring system in the world.

Sun-Flex Recycling Private Limited is a privately held company founded in 1989 in India. The company’s corporate headquarters and multiple manufacturing facilities are located throughout the country. Sun-FLEX is a market leader in rubber tile innovation, having pioneered concepts such as standard rubber tiles, interlocking rubber flooring, rubber pavers, high density rubber tiles and most important ballistic rubber products.

As a privately held INDIAN Holding company, we have the resources to manage any project, large or small, and the financial stability and investment resources necessary to stay current with industry challenges. You can rely on SUN-FLEX to provide you with the high-quality rubber products, service, and value you deserve.

Since 1989, SUN-FLEX has been a leading national brand recognised as one of the highest quality products in the fitness, gyms, playgrounds, jogging track, athletic tracks, garage gyms, roof-top, equine, horse barn, dairy, and industrial markets. Our products are exported to over 15 countries worldwide.

We have also established a separate unit to manufacture ballistic rubber products.

We manufacture ballistic rubber tiles, ballistic rubber blocks, portable bullet traps, portable military bunkers, anti-tress pass mats, and container shooting ranges in our ballistic rubber unit.

Sun-Flex has set up an in-house and state-of-the-art rubber recycling plant as a planned strategy to ensure a consistent supply of quality crumb rubber granules to our two existing manufacturing facilities.

As a result of the overwhelming response from both domestic and international markets, Sun-Flex is currently in the process of significantly increasing existing production capacity by adding two more production plants as part of a planned growth and expansion strategy.

For over three decades, our products have been known for their sustainable design with the utmost concern for the environment, safety, and people.

Sun-Flex Rubber Flooring” products have ASTM and EN approval and have been tested in the nation’s finest laboratories.

Sun-Flex epdm rubber granules meet ROHS, PAH, migration of certain elements, and new european union norms with REACH parameters.

We strongly believe in producing high-quality goods in accordance with international standards.

We pledged to provide our deserving customers with product solutions that invariably meet the highest efficacy and quality standards accepted at international levels, while also providing them with excellent value for their money.

We’ve completed a large number of projects for commercial gyms, playgrounds, epdm rubber running tracks, horse stable areas, and other customised safety rubber applications.

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We have spent over 30 years doing what is different from anyone else in order to build a trusted flooring brand. The continued commitment to providing quality products and exceptional innovation serves as a powerful motivator for architects and designers, inspiring them to produce stunning spaces that they can be truly proud of.

We value customer investment. We are the industry leader in the production of rubber tiles. Rubber flooring brand that you can rely on. The most reputable brand in rubber flooring manufacturing.

Research & Development

Vision, culture, and values are what support the company’s goals. Our identity, principles, and beliefs are defined by our guiding principles. As a company, we are constantly engaged in research and development to stay ahead of the competition.

The ability to introduce new technologies in the field of rubber flooring, such as the new generation rubber flooring products.

As part of the company’s strategy and business plan, we conduct a significant amount of research and development
each year in order to create new products.

Every year tonnes of compounds are produced.

For business innovation, safety, and customer intimacy, consider these options

At the heart of driving meaningful change is pursuing new product and process ideas. Sun-Flex is laser focused on increasing employee wellness in the workplace. We set out to create a company culture where a positive attitude toward safety is the norm at all levels. Sun-Flex is dedicated to strengthening personal relationships with our customers through continuous, purposeful conversations and activities. The driving principle of everything we do is our “Customer for Life” ideology.