About Sun-Flex Rubber Flooring

Sunflex has achieved remarkable success over the course of 30 years and beyond.

We prioritise excellence, originality, exploration, and the capacity to comprehend the present and future requirements of our customers in response to evolving market dynamics.

We understand the customer’s application and assist them in selecting the correct rubber floors based on product performance and market.

We value and prioritise the needs of our customers worldwide.

Sunflex ensured the use of among the best raw material during the production batch in our unit.

Our company ensure strict quality control measures are implemented during every batch of our rubber products.

We strive to keep our engineer recycled rubber flooring system simple and user-friendly, ensuring that it is effortless for our customers in the market and application.

We specialise in producing and delivering rubber products that meet the specific requirements of our customers while providing excellent value for their investment.

Sunflex is dedicated to creating innovation through continuous development and research, with a focus on recycled rubber products and rubber surfacing. Designing of the highest standard engineered quality rubber floors with a focus on environmental sustainability worldwide.

Our family business was established in 1989, specialising in tyre retreading and rubber compounding.

Our company has an established track record of over 30 years in the manufacturing field for recycled rubber business. By utilising one of the most sustainable materials available, we’ve developed a proprietary manufacturing process that results in the highest-quality recycled rubber flooring system in the world.
The company’s corporate headquarters and multiple manufacturing facilities are set up in Ahmedabad, INDIA.

Sunflex is a market leader in rubber tile innovation, having pioneered concepts such as standard rubber tiles, interlocking rubber flooring, rubber pavers, high density rubber tiles, epdm rubber granules, recycled rubber rolls and most important ballistic rubber products.

Since 2013, sunflex has been a leading national brand recognised as one of the highest quality products in the fitness, gyms, playgrounds, jogging track, athletic tracks, garage gyms, roof-top, equine, horse barn, dairy, and industrial markets. Our products are exported to over 15 countries worldwide.

We constantly work to innovate, develop, and research our ballistic rubber products. We have set up a dedicated unit to produce a wide variety of ballistic rubber products, including container shooting ranges. We also focus in designing and constructing shooting ranges.

We have delivered our products to numerous significant projects around all over the world.